Nuit Blanche Wednesdays: Burlesque in The Meat Packing District


As I noted in this week’s column, neo-burlesque has survived the Christina Aguilera movie and flourished even more than in the past.

It’s a regular attraction at the Meat Packing District in the form of Nuit Blanches Wednesday dinner shows, presented by Dances of Vice, at the intimate and sexy Beaumarchais.

And they know how to put on a show, which they sensibly stagger in sections throughout your meal so you keep being re-invigorated between courses. The performers strut their stuff on a small stage, but they have no self consciousness about playing to the audience up close as well. And they happen to all be talented, confident, well dressed–and well undressed.

What’s more, each week, the entertainment is done to a different theme, which makes things extra interesting and jazzy. Last time, the theme was Boardwalk Empire, which prompted well-thought-out 1920s turns by Little Motown, Rosie Cheeks, Essence Revealed, Hazel Honeysuckle, and Gin Minsky.

That last-named gal does a wickedly good tap dance, and keeps evolving into other spangly outfits as she keeps whooshing around like a period dervish who seemed fresh out of the history books.

Feistily fun MC Calamity Chang brings out the gals and also works the crowd, urging one guy to touch the man next to him. And he did!

I almost (nuit) blanched.

Thanks to producer Shien Lee.