Opie of ‘Opie & Anthony’ Smashes Homeless Man’s Cake, Doesn’t Get Why People Aren’t Laughing


It all started innocently enough on Saturday, when Gregg “Opie” Hughes of the Opie & Anthony Show on Sirius XM, was thinking back wistfully to the golden days of shock-jockdom.

He dusted off a classic from the archives: that time Homeless Andrew was proudly showing off a cake he’d just fished out of a dumpster–a cake which Opie promptly stomped on.

The video did go viral–but not in the way Opie was probably expecting: it was posted on Reddit under the heading “This guy’s an asshole.”

Thousands of negative comments followed.

“The way [Andrew] repeats ‘That’s not nice.’ just kills me inside :'( ”

“He was more of a decent human than they will ever be. There’s no justice.”

“I wouldn’t even treat an animal like that.”

When he woke the morning after posting the video Opie was shocked–shocked–to find the comments on the old video were not unanimously positive.

Something is fishy must be going on …

Oh, that explains it: those sensitive, P.C. killjoys on Reddit have gone and gotten their panties in a twist about it.

What’s the big deal?, he whines. This happened back in 2006–I only reposted it on Saturday.

Obviously, those uninformed losers don’t know Opie & Anthony has a long history of degrading and humiliating homeless people.

Like their annual Homeless Shopping Spree, or that time Opie smashed a woman named Sandy Kane’s guitar during Opie and Anthony’s Homeless Talent Show.

Oh, they do know about that? And they still think he’s an asshole?

Well, that makes it official.

At least there’s some justice: Opie’s version of the video–the one he kept posting the link to, and the one he would have been making money from each time it was viewed–has been pulled from YouTube for violating the site’s policy “prohibiting content designed to harass, bully or threaten.”