Pizza Hut’s Cheeseburger-Ringed Pizza


Three weeks ago, we showed you hot-dog-stuffed-crust pizzas. If you thought that was bad, check this out: Pizza Hut’s Middle East division has released cheeseburger-ringed pizzas, which are smothered in cheese and meat. The company calls its new “royal masterpiece” the Crown Crust Burger. From the looks of it, it will probably set you back a couple thousand calories.

The caption of its YouTube commercial says it all: “It’ll be a gem of a surprise. Click for a majestically mouthwatering Pizza Hut experience.” The best part of the video is when the narrator says with absolute vagueness, “[…] and drizzled with Pizza Hut’s special sauce.” We don’t even want to know.

Not sure whether to be horrified or jealous that we don’t have this in the States.