Prefuse 73


The monumental empire Guillermo Scott Herren has established under the Prefuse 73 anchor is as staggering as the electronics knob-twiddlage, hip-hop beats fuckery, post-rock ‘n’ jazz-mongering, and glitchy weirdness that has marked his groundbreaking oeuvre since he burst onto the scene back in the late ‘90s. Besides his glorious array of aliases (Savath and Savalas, Delarosa and Asora, Piano Overlord and Ahmad Szabo) and insane collaborations (Risil with Sunn O))) members, Diamond Watch Wrists with Death Grips/Hella maniac Zach Hill, and Sons of the Morning with producer extraordinaire Teebs), Herren is now documenting the instrumental beat music scene he’s purveyed with his own imprint, Yellow Year. Tonight, expect major beat thumping action and righteously spliced and diced textures as Herren showcases his label by performing as Prefuse 73 while Nosaj Thing and FaltyDL open.

Thu., Jan. 30, 10 p.m., 2014