Rustic Italian Picnic Basket Set for Four


It’s still summer, and restaurants have been promoting happy hour deals and outdoor seating all season long. But for those who want to just sit on the grass, here’s a cool deal for you: a rustic Italian picnic basket set by Asellina in the Gansevoort Park Avenue Hotel.

Now, this isn’t your normal picnic basket. It costs $150 and needs to be reserved at least 48 hours ahead.

Each basket contains the following:

Bottle of wine (Sant Aturo Pinot Grigio or Sant Aturo Montepulciano wine)
Bottle of water
Panna or Pellegrino
Small bites
Cured cacciatorino salami
Small wheel of tomino cheese
Roasted organic peppers and olives
Fresh grape on the vine
Assorted mini rolls
Big bites
Handmade pasta salad
Sicilian tuna salad
Dessert (Lemon pound cake and berries)

They’re also throwing in: four acrylic plates, acrylic wine glasses, acrylic water glasses, acrylic cutlery sets (knife, fork, spoon), linen-like napkins, and a checkered tablecloth.