Say Goodbye To Malaga, Diablo Royale Este


Malaga, which was closed on August 25, after racking up 77 points in a DOH inspection is still closed even though their voicemail says they’ll be back on September 5. [NY Eater]

Porchetta.Hog is temporarily closed. Although it’s located just a couple of blocks away from Sara Jenkins’ Porchetta, there is no relation. [Local East Village]

Cafe Mogador is closed until September 14 for renovations. It has been closed since Monday. EV Grieve notes that workers are actually renovating the space. [EV Grieve]

Diablo Royale Este in the East Village is closed until further notice and a sign at the store redirects patrons to the West Village original. [Local East Village]

West Village bistro The New French has shuttered. Though reviews have been positive, employees cite debt as the cause. According to staffers at the restaurant, a new set of owners will turn the space into a tapas bar sometime soon. [NY Eater]