Streisand Is Thinking of Casting Lady Gaga In Gypsy


As you know, Barbra Streisand is supposed to play Grandma Rose, I mean Mamma Rose in another movie version of Gypsy.

And she told Time magazine that she’s thinking of casting Lady Gaga in it!

That’s interesting for several reasons:

*Another name had been mentioned as a possible director, though I think that fell through. Does this mean Barbra will direct and call the casting shots? (The answer is probably “yes,” even if it doesn’t say “Directed by Barbra Streisand”).

*Also, a lot of kids are intrigued by the Gaga idea, but some are buzzing, “Which part?”

“Herbie” replied one brat, no doubt thinking of Gaga’s Jo Calderone character.

But it’s obviously for the title role, a cagey tomboy-turned-stripper who exudes sexiness via intellect and sheer will.

Sounds good to me

But now someone should probably ask Gaga if she’s interested.