Teenage Pizza Delivery Boy Indicted For UWS Rape And Hell’s Kitchen Burglary


A little more than a month ago, we told the story of Cesar Lucas – a 16-year-old who worked for Sal’s Pizzeria on Tenth Avenue and, after making a delivery, reportedly entered an Upper West Side apartment to find a woman inside. The woman told authorities that Lucas proceeded to rape her while her 7-year-old daughter slept nearby; she soon fended him off and then he left the apartment with the woman’s iPhone. The reason he gave for doing all of this in the court papers? He was horny.

Soon after the horrific encounter, Lucas returned to Sal’s Pizzeria and was immediately arrested on the spot, thanks to the help of the customer and doorman. He was then arraigned on several charges and held at Riker’s Island without bail. However, the woman who was reportedly raped is currently suing everyone involved: Lucas, the pizzeria, the apartment’s doorman, the apartment owners and whoever else might have a connection to the events of that night.

The case of Cesar Lucas remained silent until yesterday. Indictment commence.

Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance released a statement, indicting Lucas with the following charges: Rape in the First Degree, Sexually Motivated Burglary in the Second Degree, Sexual Abuse in the First Degree and the Endangerment of a Child’s Welfare.

Also, Vance mentions that Lucas has another pending charge against him: a Burglary in the Second Degree of an apartment in Hell’s Kitchen just a month before, in which the delivery boy stole a woman’s wallet in a nearby apartment. With the sheer caliber of formal charges against him, it has been decided that Lucas will stand trial as an adult. And that’s definitely a good thing.