This Week’s Specials: Holy Eats, Greeks, and Pizza


And now, a look back at what was on the menu here at Fork in the Road this week.

Just in time for the holidays, FitR gets Sunday-schooled in this week’s roundup: Our Top 10 Food Moments in the Bible.

Robert Sietsema goes Greek in his review of Gregory’s 26 Corner Taverna. He likes the Attic antics served up at this Astoria eatery.

Lauren Shockey gets a Russian lesson at Onegin. Perplexingly Pushkin-themed, she thinks the dishes are decent, though the czarist décor is weird.

Burger King unveils new fries — but can they compete with Mickey D’s?

Boerum Hill has a pizza party with newcomer Sottocasa.

Lauren Bloomberg takes us around the world in far less than 80 days. In a single blog entry, in fact, she explains different countries’ New Year’s traditions — and where to find them in New York.

At long last, researchers have demonstrated that fat chicks make less money.