Thomas Function


Having rocked their way out of Huntsville, Alabama, with a hearty handful of yelpy-bright harmonies, gloriously treble-heavy guitars–as if too many plastic cups of Goebel beer was spilled down their innards–and just a bit of subtle, futuristic keyboard action, Thomas Function has asked nicely over two full-lengths that the rest of world indulge their greasy kid stuff. And since this shit tastes as good as a plate of pork chops and slaw from G’s Country Kitchen on Oakwood Ave. (you know, that one place, out by that mall), there’s no reason why we shouldn’t. The garage door is open, and the entire world is just a van ride away. With Nashville’s young and toothy Bad Cop and Liquor Store.

Thu., Sept. 9, 8:30 p.m., 2010