Uber Delivers Kittens to Newsrooms Around New York


You may have heard that Uber is promoting their product with #ICanHazUberKitten day. No? Then allow us to explain the Internet’s latest abomination thing: The mid-to-high-priceed digi-car service is ferrying kittens from office to office all day to promote its services and raise money for the ASPCA.

Unable to contain the cuteness in the physical realm, users of the day’s services have posted the kitten house calls all over social media. It seems like media organizations are taking advantage of the service, obviously doing their journalistic duty despite the fact no one would ever click on a headline with “kittens” in it. (Runnin’ Scared writers had a serious conversation about who could front the $20 for the service.) NBC Latino, Huffington Post Live, even the Wall Street Journal are on Twitter with their ordered kitties.

Runnin’ Scared wanted to get in on this kitty cat media blitz, so we rounded up some of the tweets of the feline fuzzballs hanging out with serious journalists.

Let the wave of clicks break gently over you. Slip into the deep, warm vortex of pageviews. Surrender to the impermanence of all things, all things besides page impression advertising sales models. Behold: #ICanHasUberKittens.