Urgent Advice for Drag Queens


Drop your liquid eyeliner (and other liquids) and listen up, gals! This bit of wisdom could save your lives!

You should ALWAYS make an effort to hold your hands up because that makes the blood drain down like an internal waterfall and the hands suddenly look a tiny bit smaller and more ladylike.

It works!

This tip is from a friend of mine who went through the entire ’90s with her hands up and completely passed!

The above gal is lovely, but she isn’t doing the hand thing correctly, which is as risky as not shaving.

Don’t think you can get away with it just because she did!

Maybe even try to lift up every body part because the blood will drain down and they’ll look smaller too (though, granted, you’ll end up needing size 16 shoes).

Go ahead — hold up your nose, your knees, your feet — but try to look natural!