Year of the Takeout Day 153: Empire BBQ Restaurant Inc. (Translation Help, PLEASE!)


Soy Sauce Chicken(?) from Empire BBQ Restaurant, Inc. (5805 8th Avenue, Sunset Park, Brooklyn, 718-435-9692)

Year of the Takeout picked this place mainly because the window signage features a sea creature motif, which reminded us of The Little Mermaid — and who isn’t moved by Hans Christian Andersen?

YotT was then presented with two menus. Here’s a page from one of them:

We don’t read or speak Chinese — if you do, please let us know what’s on there — but were intrigued, so we pointed to a bunch of stuff and looked forward to a surprise!

Anyway, what came out was a masterfully light cuke salad; a lettuce, tomato, and onion salad topped with sweet mayo; and this chicken.

Texture wise, these fabulously fatty morsels feel like chicken adobo and taste similar, but more on the soy-sauce side than the vinegar end of the spectrum. A solid substitute for duck if your dining plans begin with bird.