Designing the Future

Like any real prom, you had to wait until the end for the fun to start to fray. With the notable exception of McDonough, the speakers simply trumpeted the benefits of technology. But in a slightly rambling, aggressive talk, Gullette threw the question of the conference back to the audience. "Will the 'rising tide' elevate us or drown us? Has anybody here actually asked that?" said Gullette. For the time at least, it's all just entertainment.

Signal and Noise

Harry even cried at Armageddon: "This movie [Saving Private Ryan] should be required viewing for everyone in a position of power in the world, no, every adult in the world. Wait, make that everyone in the world. If it tromatizes [sic] children, good, maybe they will be less likely to follow some zealot off to some insane misadventure like my generation was lead [sic] on," wrote the father of Harry Knowles, the one man-blurb artist of Ain't It Cool News, in a cameo at his son's site. Good to know that Troma Pictures is now a verb. Thanks to Danny O'Brien of the NTK newsletter for the tip...

  • Food Chains: I'm the journalist and even I can't keep track. With Rare Medium's purchase of local design shop I/O 360 and Razorfish's acquisition of the LA-based media, the map of Silicon Alley should be easier to read, but it ain't. To ease navigation of the bigger and questionably better local industry, @NY has put out an "Agency Rollup Scorecard" It's straightforward and a great crib sheet--particularly if you're trying to send out résumés (check @NY's job board for help)...

  • From 8 to 100: In response to the testosterone-laden Modern Library picks for best books of the 20th century, SF Web zine feminista! polled women's online forums for their own impressive list of 100 great works by women. Unlike the original list, this time each author only gets one slot and--even better--there's no ranking.


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