Sealed With a Kiss

Finally, the Fonz Falls. And Our Watch Stops.

So, where does he go from here?

The Ed Koch route (minus the lousy movie reviews) seems the natural choice. Personally, we would love to hear an "Alfonse in the Morning" radio show or an afternoon drive time talkfest (remember, the Fonz was doing Chris Russo's shtick when WFAN's "Mad Dog" was in diapers). Of course, a weekly column in the Post would seem appropriate, since the Fonz's politics dovetail nicely with the tabloid's pragmatic conservatism.

In fact, we would wager that D'Amato would prove a more lively and coherent read than Steve Dunleavy, a sorry skell whose columns get more bizarre by the day. In his dispatch from D'Amato's gloomy Hilton aerie, published in last Wednesday's Post, Dunleavy described himself as a "pathological supporter" of the Fonz, while noting that "this frightening, bitter election, was about as useful as mammaries on reindeer."

Sweet Jesus, if a reader did not know any better, he might wrongly conclude that Dunleavy gets liquored up right before he begins to compose this priceless stuff.

So don't worry, Alfonse. In company like this, you'll do just swell, baby.

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