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Learn to write, shoot, direct, and edit your own film at the New York Film Academy (674-4300). Four-, six-, or eight-week intensive filmmaking workshops are available; summer workshops are also held in Paris, England, and Los Angeles. The academy will loan you a basic lighting kit and an Arriflex 16mm camera. Tuition is $4000, and additional lab and course fees may apply. Classes start the first Monday of every month.

The leader of the independent film and video pack, Film/Video Arts (673-9361), offers classes, postproduction facilities, and equipment rentals at affordable rates. Introductory AVID classes ($575) start every weekend, and other classes are available on an ongoing basis.

Those with a penchant for the avant-garde can find all the resources they need at Millennium (673-0090), a nonprofit film, arts, and community membership organization that's been around for more than 30 years. Workshops in AVID, optical printing, basic filmmaking, 16mm film editing for the independent filmmaker, and more cost between $100 and $200 plus a membership fee; equipment loans, production studios, and screening rooms are available to members and nonmembers. —Soo-Min Oh

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Looking to start your own business? Why not pocket the benjis from playa extraordinaire Uncle Sam, yo. The Small Business Administration's (8A) Business Development Program (264-4322) throws seminars on how to apply for federal government contracts. If your business is owned by a "socially and economically disadvantaged person" it may be eligible for all kinds of loans and assistance. Seminars are held from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at 26 Federal Plaza. The next seminar takes place January 28.

The National Association of Investment Corporations (NAIC) (533-6972) holds its monthly meeting at the Fashion Institute of Technology. After the council meeting, sit in on informative sessions on buying stock, Dividend Reinvestment Plans (DRP), and laugh sessions directed at suckers who believe they'll actually see their SS benefits. Meetings take place at 6:15 the second Friday of each month at Eighth Avenue and 27th Street, Building A, eighth floor, faculty alcove.

The New School (229-5690) offers a number of asset-saving courses for financial losers. Try "Six Steps to Financial Security" or "Financial Strategies for Midlife." The school's been teaching the financially challenged since 1919. Request a course bulletin at Classes begin February 1 and registration is ongoing.

Money not burning a hole in your pocket? The 92nd Street Y (996-1100) offers an array of courses on how to stretch a dollar, from "Organize Your Finances Now" to "Debt-Free Living." Learn how to live without groceries for a while. A new round of workshops begins February 1. Registration ends on the first day of class. Prices range from $40 to $65.

The Open Housing Center (941-6101) has been fighting housing discrimination since 1964. It is also a resource—assisting first-time minority home buyers. Workshops include finding the ideal mortgage and figuring your closing costs. —Jeffrey Gambles

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International Study

Unearth layers of ancient history in the Middle East and Asia through the enterprising program Distant Horizons (800-333-1240), with traveling options that shuttle participants to places like Ma'rib, Yemen and Sri Lanka, with many other destinations in between. Eighteen-day tours begin February 25 and costs range from $4200 and $6490.

Weary of the conventional? Then opt to complete your master's in three summers through NYU's School of Education study-abroad program for graduates. Here, you'll blend two summers studying in countries such as China, Italy, or Greece with one spent in Gotham at the Washington Square campus. The application deadline is April 1. For more information, call 998-5090.

Examine "The Struggles of Black Women & Men in Latin America" through the World Gender Studies Abroad Program at Medgar Evers College. The program is open to all and will be held in Puerto Limón, Costa Rica, from August 1 to 12. The cost is $1250 and includes airfare, room, and board. Get more details at 718-270-5051.

Parlez-vous français? The New York/Paris Exchange Program at Queens College plunges CUNY undergraduate and graduate students into an intensive three-week course in either Paris or Seillans. In order to enroll, students must have completed at least three college-level courses in French or have it be determined they're proficient in French. The cost is $4000. For more information, call 718-997-4608.

The sun, the beach, and Spanish? Becoming fluent in the fastest growing language may just be a prerequisite for the millennium, and the International Education Resource Center offers all college students the chance to study it firsthand in the Dominican Republic. For more information, call 718-231-8333. —Nicole White

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The American Sign Language Institute (675-7275) gets you up to speed and out: new semesters begin in February, April, and June. Having grasped the basics of American Sign Language (levels one through 10), you will still have enough time for Street Signing or ASL Storytelling. The cost of a two-month course is $150.

The CP Language Institute (246-2054) offers courses in Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai, and (although a Eurocentric Slav will foam at the mouth on this) Russian. The institute lets the student choose between group classes ($13/hour), semiprivate instruction ($20/hour) or one-on-one ($30/hour) sessions. Free trial lessons are offered as well.

Correspondence courses in braille from the Hadley School for the Blind (800-323-4238) are absolutely free. All it takes to receive the starting material is a phone call, and the instruction is carefully tailored to each student's own pace.

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