Raging Bull

Giuliani's Knee-Jerk Cop Defense Is as Incendiary as It Is Inaccurate

It is a disconnect of denial, a disconnect of convenience. The mayor is fond of attacking every criticism as political. But it is he who has positioned himself as New York's Mighty Whitey, playing to the national avatars of a party that long ago abandoned Lincoln. It is he who has justified the "benefit of the doubt" he gives cops by contending that "crime would not have gone down as much" if he "let police officers hang out there" and stayed neutral until all the facts about an incident are known.

It is he who, on his way to Washington, will leave this city bitterly partitioned, with blacks and whites blind to each other.

Marchers at downtown Diallo protest finger the mayor.
Michael Sofronski
Marchers at downtown Diallo protest finger the mayor.

Research: Coco McPherson, Soo-Min Oh, and Ron Zapata

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