Seduction Theory

Erogenous Zoning South of Times Square

Erotica USA: off with the city's Puritan sackcloth
Sylvia Plachy
Erotica USA: off with the city's Puritan sackcloth

Meantime, Ingela, a one-named model whose physical appearance could be described as falling somewhere on an arc between Betty Page and Jocelyne Wildenstein, is nearby obliging every passing shutterbug with shots of her phenomenal . . . well, endowment is not technically the correct term. Her add-ons, let's say. "I was a C cup to start with," Ingela says with just a hint of a Teutonic accent. "But I enhanced it up one size and then another. I did it, you know, because I'm a vain person and I like to look good. But it's also for business, too, yes?" And is there a downside? "Well, the downside is that it's hard to find bras." Then again, says Ingela, cupping one mammoth breast in each of her palms, "the upside is that I don't really need them anymore."

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