Competing With Cancer

  • It seems these days that soccer players may need to be more wary of scoring off the field than on it— at least that's what some doctors are saying in a study published in New Scientist magazine. The study was conducted on male athletes who suffered from swollen, uh, joints— but who could not trace their injury to any on-the-pitch incident. The explanation: Well, for the oversexed striker, it could be SARA, or sexually acquired reactive arthritis. The condition is set in motion by the same sexually transmitted bacteria that often result in urethritis. It's apparently a slippery slope from engorged to inflamed. . . .

  • Trivia question of the week: Have there been more Arena Bowls or Bud Bowls?

    Contributors: Alisa Solomon, Neil De Mause, Howard Z. Unger, Denise Kiernan, Jesus Diaz

    Sports Editor: Miles D. Seligman

    Sports Intern: Joshua D. Gaynor

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