If this is true, will the commander of that division be held accountable?

There is also a question for Hillary Rodham Clinton. Her husband has been a fiercer supporter of the police than any recent president. That's why there is often— in a photo op— a blue wall of rank-and-filers and police chiefs behind him when he announces new death penalties, as in his Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act, which greatly extended many law-enforcement powers of very dubious constitutionality.

As Hillary Rodham Clinton "listens" to New Yorkers, how will she react, if at all, to shouts of "No Justice! No Peace!"— and not only in "minority" neighborhoods?

Mass Jewish witnessing to terminal police force
photo: Sam Costanza
Mass Jewish witnessing to terminal police force

Will her huge press entourage ask her reaction to the killing of Gidone Busch?

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