The Big Fix

Corruption In DC 37, Part Two: How the Union's Bosses Rule By Fraud and Intimidation

"But the facts didn't matter," says Bennett. "Our case was just one of many. They rubber-stamped them all." Rosenthal's appeal to AFSCME over his election loss in 1995 would get the same treatment. Concludes Bennett: "Nothing is going to change unless the government steps in."

Or the members step up. Last month, members of Local 1549 gathered at 6 a.m. to picket union headquarters in protest over the union's failure to defend the workers against the excessive hours required by city management. If the protesters outside the building ever connect with the reformers inside, they could shake the chandeliers from Gracie Mansion to Washington, D.C.

illustration: David Hollenback

Part Three: What Is To Be Done?

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