Contradiction in the 'Times'

Will Microsoft Have to Break Up? Reporter says 'Yes,' Then 'No'

Cohn says he wants hard-hitting stories that are "tied to an important issue but told through people and reporting on the ground." He will offer "major magazine pay" for 5000-word narratives and has plans to hire "at least one other senior editor" this winter. "We have full freedom to do great journalism unfettered by commercial restraints," says Cohn, "and that's a great position to be in as a journalist."


Dan Coughlin was removed from his job as Pacifica's national news director November 1, in yet another act of blatant censorship. Coughlin had dared to report on—what else?—Pacifica. His appeal is pending. . . .

Steve Florio, Condé Nast president and CEO, is widely rumored to be out of a job soon, though a company spokesperson denies it. Estimates range from any day now to the minute Si Newhouse's cousin, Condé Nast International chairman Jonathan Newhouse, returns from London to work at Times Square. . . .

Don't miss the work of Seth Ackerman, a 21-year-old media analyst for Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting. Ackerman's evisceration of a recent news special by ABC News hotshot John Stossel is posted at

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