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Behind the Scenes With the Drama Queens

JEREMY TCHUNG, hairdresser, spraying a rat-tail comb: "No."

FLLOYD:"Did you guys see that Fox show where they capture people on secret video? They had a guy who worked in a piñata factory and they captured him fucking a piñata. It was on the family hour!"

BRENDA BERGMAN: "I love that."

Jodi Lennon (left) and Jackie Hoffman: "The real challenge is winning the audience over to a biological girl."
photo: Sylvia Plachy
Jodi Lennon (left) and Jackie Hoffman: "The real challenge is winning the audience over to a biological girl."

FLLOYD: "The guy said, 'It enticed me.' "

JODI LENNON: "Imagine when they open it up. Like, 'What's in this one?' "

FLOTILLA DEBARGE, sitting at makeup table in bra with no padding, stocking cap, and knee length skirt: "I don't have my tits on yet. I don't have my wig. I'm a mess. Jeremy better get his ass over here soon. We can talk while I wait. I'm originally from downtown Brooklyn. My family's from Florence, South Carolina. I started out in the East Village at the Pyramid and P.S. 122 and Boy Bar. I always wanted to be an actor or a singer since my mother took me to Radio City Music Hall as a kid. I didn't know how to go about it. I tried going into the corporate business world. Then, when my grandfather was 85 and dying, he told me to follow my dream. So I immediately stopped going to Baruch College and invented Flotilla DeBarge. I always thought Flotilla was such a good name. I'm not a thin man. I'm more larger than life. I'm not an -ette or an -ina. Plus I always loved the musical group DeBarge. So I was sitting in Battery Park City one day and a barge went by and then it just came to me—Flotilla DeBarge."


Seconds before places. Unearthly moans are heard outside the dressing room.

LYPSINKA: "What's that noise?"

JODI LENNON: "That's just Jackie doing her queer actress exercises."

JACKIE HOFFMAN, appearing at dressing room door: "Guys, come quick. You just missed Mark grabbing his scrotum."

JODI LENNON, lacquering her blond pigtails with hair spray: "Am I nervous? Yes. Definitely. It's nice to be nervous. It's scary when you're not. Especially when it's a big house. Hey, is my wig anchored? Is the hair on straight? Oh, I'm so high right now from this Aqua Net."

JACKIE HOFFMAN: "Guys, Jodi's drunk again."

STAGE MANAGER: "Ladies and gentlemen."


Cast hugs.

DIRECTOR KEVIN MALONY: "Go out and rock 'em sock 'em robots."

LYPSINKA: "Did Isabella make it? Isabella Rossellini? Does she have good seats?"

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