After the game, we asked a couple of Knicks players about the acquittals and found the same level of social awareness they displayed with the Confederate battle flag issue. Chris Childs said, "I don't have any words to describe what happened because it wasn't right. I didn't see a police report, so I don't know what actually occurred, but if what was told to us is accurate, the cops are very, very lucky. If this was California, there would have been a riot. People are going to be on edge for a while. That's only natural when race is involved, and this is an especially touchy situation in New York, where you had the other incident with [Abner Louima]. But I don't believe in responding ignorantly and compounding the problem." Fair enough. But we were hoping for a more emotional response. We would be disappointed. Looking around the locker room, we noticed Kurt Thomas was the only one left. We asked him about it and he trotted out that cop code-word for the situation: "tragedy." Ugh. He finished up on a more-or-less even note: "It bothers me that an unarmed person was killed and that he was shot 19 times. It's sad. Very sad."

Contributors: Andrew Hsiao, John D. Thomas, Neil Demause, Ramona Debs Sports Editor: Miles D. Seligman

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