High Standards

Everyone's familiar with the classic baseball dis "He can't even hit his weight!" Mets infielder David Howard, however, has a different biological benchmark to pursue: his cholesterol count. Howard, one of several players competing for a reserve spot on the Amazins roster this spring, clocks in at a whopping 432 on the cholesterol scale—more than twice the recommended level. The condition runs in Howard's family and hasn't responded to changes in diet or exercise, leaving him with a simple goal to shoot for: If he can just hit his cholesterol count, he'll be the first ballplayer to break the .400 mark since Ted Williams—and just in time for the 60th anniversary of the Splendid Splinter's feat! Of course, the real question for the Mets is whether Rey Ordoñez can hit his cholesterol count, which for a healthy male is about 180.

Contributors: J. Yeh, Stu Hackel, Paul Lukas Sports Editor: Miles D. Seligman

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