Can WBAI Be Saved?

Democracy Now at Pacifica Radio

The National Organizing Committee reports that a national steering committee is being established, "composed of elected representatives of the Free Pacifica listeners groups across the country"—including New York. There may be national actions against the board in conjunction with May Day, and a boycott of contributions to Pacifica stations is being urged. A committee is being set up to help local activists rescue Pacifica stations where they are.

If you want to join this retrieval of democracy on the air, the Pacifica Campaign is at 51 MacDougal Street, Box No. 80, New York, NY 10012. The Web site is, and the phone number for information about actions being planned is 1-800-797-6229. It also takes messages.

In 1999, when the firings and gag rule took place at KPFA, some 10,000 supporters of free speech demonstrated in Berkeley, cops were called, and there were many arrests. In the history of American radio, no station had ever had so many fervent listeners. Let's see what happens elsewhere.

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