Beyond McVeigh

What the Feds Won’t Tell You About Oklahoma City

McVeigh insists the call was his only contact there, but in the new edition of Others Unknown, attorney Jones writes otherwise. In an interview just prior to a lie detector test, McVeigh said he sent a letter to Pastor Robert Millar "in mid March, talking about a small operation that he was thinking about putting together, which the two of them had discussed in the past and [he] wanted to know if there would be some type of underground railroad that Bob Millar could inform him of so that he might be able to carry out such operations."

At least one known resident of Elohim City had been a leader of a 1980s group called the Covenant, Sword, and Arm of the Lord, whose members planned to blow up the Murrah building with a missile. Those plans were aborted when the missile detonated in the hands of the man making it.

Richard Snell, a former CSA member who participated in the first plot, was executed in Arkansas on April 19, 1995. Pastor Millar, Snell's spiritual advisor, witnessed the execution and took his body back to Elohim City for burial.

ARYAN REPUBLICAN ARMY: Rumors have been flying about the possibility of McVeigh's involvement with the Midwest bank robbers calling themselves the Aryan Republican Army. Some army members had ties to the Aryan Nations and the Posse Comitatus. And it is known that they frequented Elohim City. Richard Guthrie, the leader of the Aryan Republican Army, hung himself in jail in 1996, shortly after he told the Los Angeles Times he was writing a book about his gang that would blow the lid off a wider conspiracy. In a sealed plea bargain, he promised to provide the government with information about groups "whose goal is the overthrow of the U.S. government or [to] engage in domestic terrorism."

Currently, other jailed members of the gang are said to have claimed that a certain "Tim" was in contact with their group.

CAROL HOWE: The former Tulsa socialite who became a neo-Nazi was recruited and taken to Elohim City by Dennis Mahon, a former Tulsa Klan leader. In fact, Howe was working undercover for the federal ATF. She claims to know about trips to Oklahoma City by Mahon and Strassmeier (a German national), and has said she traveled with both men to case the "Morrow" building there as a possible target.

LADY GODIVA: Dancers at this Tulsa strip joint said they saw a man on April 8, 1995, who looked like McVeigh and was joined by three other men. Their story gained credibility when the bar's owner found a surveillance tape of the women's dressing room that night. On the tape, the door bangs open and a stripper enters.

Stripper One: [Leaning into the mirror, adjusting her costume] "You know those three guys I'm sitting out there with? Well, one of them says he's looking for a girl to fool around with tonight. Are you interested?"

Stripper Two: "Well, OK, I'll figure out a way to scam them."

[The tape becomes unintelligible for a few seconds.]

Stripper One: " . . . one of them said, 'I'm a very smart man.' 'You are?' 'Yes, I am. And on April 19, 1995, you'll remember me for the rest of your life!' 'Oh really?' 'Yes, you will.' "

McVeigh claims he was a thousand miles away that night, staying at the Imperial Motel in Kingman, Arizona.

JENNIFER McVEIGH: According to one FBI affidavit unsealed by a Buffalo federal district court, two witnesses say that at a party on December 23, 1994, Jennifer talked of war and revolution. According to one person, Jennifer McVeigh said: "There's going to be a revolution, and you're either going to be with us or against us. I know I'm going to be ready. You'll see, in either April or May something big is going to happen with my brother. I don't know what it is, but it's going to be big."

DENNIS MAHON: He's just one of the people McVeigh might have met who has consistently been mentioned by journalists as a possible conspirator. One witness drew a sketch of John Doe No. 2 that looked like Mahon, minus dark glasses and mustache. "It drives you crazy," Mahon told The Guardian of London. "Thousands think I was involved. I've started to believe it myself. Maybe I was there. Maybe they brainwashed me and I forgot about it. Maybe I can get hypnotized and remember it. Everybody said I was there. Everybody said I drove the truck. They saw me.

"Maybe there's somebody out there who looks like me," he said. "I'm just about ready to turn myself in and tell them, 'OK, motherfuckers, I did it.' But I didn't."

Mahon claims he never met Tim McVeigh but did meet a man called Tim Tuttle, one of McVeigh's pseudonyms, at gun shows. Mahon went back and forth to Elohim City and parked a trailer there. He claims Tuttle slept in the trailer. In March 1997, Mahon told the Voice, "If we had a hundred men like him in this country we'd probably change things around." He added, "I don't agree with what he did particularly. My personal opinion is that that building should have been bombed early in the morning."

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