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‘Narco News’ Ready for Libel Suit in New York

According to Nobile, Gladstone agreed to interview Roberts, and thereupon he turned over his tapes. He expected that Gladstone would interview him and ask his advice. But a week later, he had not heard from her. On June 21, he e-mailed Gladstone, accusing her of ignoring the "world authority" on Imus—and of preparing to use his tapes without negotiating a fee.

In an e-mail provided by Nobile, Gladstone fired back, telling him, "I am thoroughly tired of your judgments, your insinuations and your nagging." She promised to call when the story was ready, then told him to leave her alone. "If you call me one more time," she wrote, "suggesting I owe you ANYTHING besides a nominal fee for your tape, you will never hear from me again."

Offended, Nobile withdrew the tapes. He says the incident suggests that Gladstone doesn't take racism seriously; others see it as proof of Nobile's insufferable belligerence.

Gladstone did not return a call for comment.

Strange Endings

Newsday is offering a voluntary early retirement plan to a group of employees who are 50-plus and have five years experience. Though 109 in the newsroom are eligible, a cap is set at 24, and only about a dozen are expected to walk.

Jack Newfield's old desk at the New York Post has a new occupant: Mafia daughter and columnist Victoria Gotti.

A rumor is going around that Salon.com will be gone in a month, but David Talbot calls that "complete and unfounded nonsense." He says Salon is in the final stage of completing a new round of investment.


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