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KTU Jock Louie DeVito Outsold Paul Oakenfold, but Why Can't He Get Any Respect?

"That's the bridge-and-tunnel crowd," says DeVito. "Kids comin' from the suburbs, from Staten Island, from Long Island, from Brooklyn and Queens, merging into the city. Sound Factory, too—bridge-and-tunnel clubs. These clubs are in Manhattan, but I guarantee you that 75 to 90 percent of that club is from outside of Manhattan. And these are the kids that go into malls every week, who go shopping, and want this music."

N.Y.C. Underground Party Volume 4 is due later this summer, and may ultimately be the true test of DeVito's talents. "As far as the success of Volume 3, the Melanie C track really helped a lot," says DeVito. "But I think every song on that CD is strong. We didn't have an exclusive on that song. I think the programming, mixing, and editing is second to none, and Volume 4 will prove that when it goes gold."

DeVito and Marcano are in the midst of mixing Volume 4 now, and as he paces his studio, he reveals some of the music he plans to include. "Digital Allies' 'Without You,' " he says, readying the record for play. "You go to some Web sites and it's called 'The Guido Anthem.' It's so big in the Hamptons and at the Jersey Shore. KTU just picked it up." With that, he drops the needle and out come the supercharged synths and a voice that recalls a younger, hungrier Jon Bon: "You're the one that I love," it growls, as huge breakdown follows huge breakdown. "I can't go on without you."

dj Louie Devito: techno for the bridge-and-tunnel set
photo: DC la Rue
dj Louie Devito: techno for the bridge-and-tunnel set

"Some people love it, some people hate it," says DeVito as he pulls the needle from the vinyl. "But it's a huge record."

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