D.C.’s Political Boot Camp

An Intern’s Guide to Capitol Hill

Best place to live

George Washington University dorms (a room to yourself and plenty of people to meet) American University dorms Georgetown University dorms

Best places to hang out

Bar Nun (13th St. and U St. NW): Hip-hop, go-go, techno. $5 cover. No sneakers, no jeans. Politiki (3rd St. and Pennsylvania Ave. SE): Swing, jazz, blues, folk, pop. No cover. "Funkiest Polynesian drinks." The Spot (6th St. and F St. NW): Top 40, international hip-hop. Features parties for interns. Tryst (18th St. and Columbia Rd. NW): jazz, pop. Tequila Grill (20th St. and K St. NW): All kinds of music. $5 cover. Free draft beer. Tuesdays are intern nights.

Job description

Answer phones Research answers to constituents' questions Lead tours of Capitol Fetch coffee

Best reasons to be an intern

Looks good on résumé See famous people up close Network for the future Watch history get made Learn nuts and bolts of politics

Best place to be

House floor

How I got my job

Mom/Dad gave bucks to member's campaign Worked for member's political campaign Sent a letter and résumé Cold call

Career goal

Lawyer-lobbyist Federal judge U.S. senator Governor

Political hero

My boss Michael Jordan Jimmy Carter Carol Mosley Brown Gandhi Steve Forbes

Role model

Justice Sandra Day O'Connor Jesus

Dress for success

Women:Separate yourself from peers who inappropriately wear tank tops and short skirts by dressing in a suit. Otherwise stick to knee-length skirts and sweater sets. Above all, women must fit into office decor, which is set by the congressperson. (Sexist pigs!) Men: Blazer, tie

Favorite drug


Favorite drink

Women: Cosmopolitan, Long Island Ice Tea, Gatorade, Kir Royal Men: Bud, Miller Light

What my Mama said when I left home

"Be careful." "To use my brain not to do anything risky." "Use the wisdom [my parents] gave me so I won't do anything ridiculous like sleeping around with a congressman." "Don't get involved with an older man."

Additional reporting: Sandra Bisin and Ariston-Lizabeth Anderson

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