Conservatives Rise for the Bill of Rights!

'Everyone in This Room Is a Suspect'

"People need to learn," Barr said, "that we're all subject to having our privacy invaded. . . . These laws will dramatically change the way we go about conducting our society."

They already have, as these conservatives, including Barr, well know. Norquist, explaining his presence at an ACLU-sponsored gathering, told Salon that previously he'd thought the ACLU and liberals would take care of threats to the Constitution. But, he said to the Dallas Morning News, "I'm not sure given the Republican control of the House and the Senate and the government that we can count on our left-of-center friends to look out for some of these issues."

Especially since most of the congressional Democratic leadership has not been paying attention to diminishing constitutional rights. Grover Norquist told Jake Tapper that in his meetings "with 'friends' in the White House," he brings up the attacks on civil liberties "quite a bit" as "one of the top issues."

But Norquist's impact will not be on the uneducable Bush and Ashcroft, but rather on his fellow conservatives. Or so I hope.

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