Anti-Conventional Wisdom

Attention, GOP! The Forecast for Next Year in New York City: Extremely Stormy

Ingenious deck of cards with detailed interactive info on Bush and his assorted knaves. "This is no Sunday bridge club. These are individuals and institutions that stack the deck against democracy in the rigged game of global power. Exposing their place in the house of cards illuminates the links among corporations, institutions, and government officials that profit from endless war." The cards are for sale, but you can download the images for free and slap them on T-shirts and posters.

War Resisters League

illustration: Anthony Freda

A venerable international organization with branches in Brooklyn, Manhattan, New Jersey, and Connecticut—and the Hamptons. Experienced organizers of anti-war protests and peace vigils. Downloadable flyers.

Why War?

Anti-war group based in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania. Want to make MP3 copies of Dubya saying unequivocally that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? Here's a useful guide for editing soundbites from the White House website, including how to convert them from RealAudio: resources/guides/2003/06/realaudio.html.


For those who want to move the Democrats back to progressive stances, try the Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club's listserv, based in Berkeley, California.

Of course, there are scores of groups and sites not named above that will be involved in the protests. And among the other groups that have already signed up on counterconvention.orgare the Jersey City Peace Movement, Bean (a student activist group in Providence, Rhode Island, that's "looking to do direct action @ RNC"), Peace (activists in Wilmington, North Carolina, who will "probably put something together in our home town to show our support of what you're doing"), and Smear (a "concerned local activist group experienced in organizing nonviolent direct actions around social and environmental issues").

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