Cuba Cages Librarians

But there's still not a dissenting word from America's book publishers and literati

When Castro admirers on the ALA council refused to tell him to release the dissidents, the council's final report merely mewled "deep concern" for those left in prison.

In Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass, Tweedledum reads Alice a poem telling of the Walrus and the Carpenter, who, having invited young oysters to join them for a walk along the briny beach, suddenly began to eat their unsuspecting companions.

And the Walrus, with sobs and tears, showing deep concern, "sorted out those of the largest size," saying, "I weep for you," as he ate every one.

illlustration: Sam Weber

During National Library Week (April 18 to 24), I hope rebellious rank-and-file American librarians, ignoring their governing council, will speak for the release of their brothers and sisters in Castro's three-feet-wide and six-feet-long cells. The International Red Cross is forbidden to visit, as it has been by Castro since 1989.

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