Rabbi Meets Genocide's General

A close-up of Sudan's chief mass murderer and his genteel, cultivated entourage

Like George W. Bush, Gonzales, straight-faced, also assured his audience that "the United States abhors torture and categorically rejects its use." He omitted detailed, mounting evidence to the contrary.

And I have a Defense Department March 10 release about our prisoners at Guantánamo that declares: "All detainees are treated humanely in accordance with the Geneva Conventions and receive military care similar to what deployed U.S. servicemembers receive, officials said."

Rabbi Liebling: A Jew for justice
photo: Giulietta Verdon-Roe
Rabbi Liebling: A Jew for justice

Really, our servicemen are strapped to metal chairs and force-fed as they urinate and defecate on themselves?

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