Hillary Clinton Wakes Up

Bush becomes commander in chief of Congress. The junior senator from New York objects.

In the Military Commissions Act, Congress has given Bush a sheath of blank checks. And if there's another 9-11, will Congress rush to give whomever then is president what is left of the Constitution? Even if the Democrats by then control the Congress and White House?

In her admirably blunt speech, Hillary Clinton did not, however, go on to call for a filibuster of the Military Commissions Act. Neither did Harry Reid. The midterm elections are looming, and Senate Democrats were afraid that the dread Karl Rove machine would skewer them as unpatriotic. So this bill, with 32 Democrats voting against it, including Clinton and Reid, passed.

If Senator Clinton does ascend to the Oval Office, I hope many George Washington-style patriots will send her copies of her September 28 speech.

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