Is This America?

Canada apologizes to its citizen kidnapped by CIA; U.S. keeps him on its terror list

At a televised news conference, Arar, with 10 Canadian flags behind him, said, according to the Los Angeles Times: "The struggle to clear my name has been long and hard. This struggle has taught me how important it is to stand up for human rights. I feel proud as a Canadian."

Maher Arar: His case defines the Bush presidency.
Patrick Doyle/ KRT
Maher Arar: His case defines the Bush presidency.

How proud do you feel as Alberto Gonzales insists there is secret information justifying Arar and his family being on the terrorist list? With Canada asking that they be removed from the list, Stockwell Day, the Canadian minister of public safety, went to see Chertoff and Gonzales and reviewed the whole secret dossier on Arar. He saw nothing justifying the exclusion of the Arars from this sweet land of liberty. Says Arar: "I will never be the same. The United States must take responsibility for what it did to me and must stop destroying more innocent lives with its unlawful actions."

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