Obama: Who Is He Now?

In Chicago and the Illinois State Legislature, Barack Obama made a difference—he did not just 'hope'

Barack Obama, as he glows in the cheers of the crowds on his rounds gathering votes, could inform the citizenry of what could await many of them if the Supreme Court agrees with the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, the President, and Dick Cheney. Obama is, if I may use the word, impressively articulate, and, unlike any of the other Democratic presidential aspirants—except for Joe Biden—he has actually taught constitutional law.

In his speech in 1936 accepting the Democratic Party's nomination for a second term as president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt said that our 1776 revolution was intended "to win freedom from the tyranny of political autocracy" (like that of the present George II).

The revolution, FDR continued, "was to put the business of governing into the hands of the average man, who won the right with his neighborhood to make and order his own destiny through his own government [and Constitution]."

Dushan Milic

I offer Barack Obama a bumper sticker: "Bring Democracy Back to the White House!"—but be sure, Senator, to describe and develop the specifics to get there.

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