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Some scholars date the art of engraving to the prehistoric period, pointing to marks made by cavemen. But printmaking's come a long way since rocks and sticks were the tools in the artist's arsenal. The National Academy Museum and School, New York's oldest art school, offers several courses in printmaking, making use of materials and methods such as drypoint, etching, woodcut, monotype, plastic media, and collage.

Brooklyn's got a brand-new BAG: The Brooklyn Artists Gym is a shared studio space and gallery space in Gowanus offering some of the most affordable art classes in the city. Every Monday, BAG offers a three-hour figure-drawing class and every Saturday, a long-pose figure-drawing and painting class.

for children

Apparently it's never too early to start learning your asanas. Parents eager to rid their kids of all that nasty Cartesian dualism can enroll them in classes at Karma Kids Yoga (slogan: "Mind, Body, Fun!"). In addition to making children flex-y, Karma promises that yoga will "teach kids how to focus, relax, and develop self-control"—which might help parents do the same.

With children between the ages of two and five, most parents are focused on childproofing their kitchens, not inviting the kiddies to get their toque on. But Mimi's Soup Spoon disagrees. This Brooklyn-based program offers parent-child classes that include "cooking experience, a safety tip, table manners, clean-up, and story time." This winter, Mimi's tempts tots with several holiday-themed courses.

Give those infants a hand. Some early childhood experts believe that teaching babies American Sign Language can boost their language skills and help them to communicate even before they're ready for speech. Either way, watching them attempt sign language is pretty adorable. Motivated progenitors can enroll their babes (and themselves) at Baby Fingers, which offers classes in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.


If you're the sort who had a picture of Tom Brokaw above your bed or who writes mash notes to Brian Williams, you can stop dreaming and start training for a career in newscasting at the New York Film Academy. They've partnered with NBC News to offer four- and eight-week courses in broadcast journalism. Through instruction in interview, camera work, and field reporting, "Each student produces two news projects, shot with single-camera set-ups and edited on Final Cut Pro."

Long to acquaint audiences with inconvenient truths or bundle them into taxis to the dark side, but don't have all the necessary training? Consider a course in documentary film at New York University's School of Continuing and Professional Studies. NYU hosts classes in assembling and editing a documentary film.

food and drink

In the Middle Ages, people eagerly devoured such delicacies as roe deer in broth, frumenty, parsnip fritters, elderflower cheesecake, and mead. Yum? Dark Age gourmands can learn about these olden tidbits at The Cloisters' celebration of medieval food on December 27 and 28. Through demonstrations and exhibits, attendees will discover the ways and means of historical cooking and eating, while kids design their own medieval tableware.

If you're getting ready to host your first Thanksgiving dinner but are nervous your attempts might be something of a turkey, consider signing up for Thanksgiving Dress Rehearsal at the Culinary Center at Whole Foods Market on the Bowery on November 8. It won't teach a traditional Thanksgiving (no venison or jellied eels, thankfully), but will cover turkey, gravy, stuffing, and pie, among other dishes.

Amateur mixologists can receive a master class courtesy of Paul Zablocki and Steve Schul, who run the popular Cocktail Buzz website. Classes for individuals, couples, and small groups meet in their colorful Prospect Heights apartment, which teems with more than 150 bottles, including obscurities (Catdaddy Carolina Moonshine, Dumante Pistachio Liqueur) and a dozen varieties of homemade vodka. Students sample endless cocktails and develop their own signature concoction.


The Fashion Institute of Technology may sport a wonderfully fanciful name, but its school of continuing and professional studies offers a number of faultlessly practical classes in computing. In addition to classes useful to aspiring designers—such as training in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Colour Matters, and Kaledo—FIT offers introductions to basics such as Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and even Computers Made Easy.

Though we'll confess an undying love for claymation (too many viewings of the Rudolph Christmas special as an impressionable youth and quite a bit of Wallace and Gromit since), computer animation is undoubtedly the stuff of cartoons' future. The School of Visual Arts' Continuing Education program offers numerous courses in this field, designed to allow you to tell your own toy story. Classes cover stop-motion, digital compositing, Final Cut, and other assorted tools.


During the Olympics, newspapers reported that restaurants in China had renamed dishes like "Husband and wife's lung slice" or "Chicken without sexual life" to make them more palatable to foreigners. If you'd like to read those amusing menus in the original, you might consider a class in Mandarin at the ABC Language Exchange in Chelsea, which features both beginners classes and boot camps for more experienced students. Xing nan!

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