"Gary Jones" Wants Your Nudes

Is one hacker behind many of the "revenge-porn" photos that were posted on Hunter Moore's Is Anyone Up?

I e-mailed garyjones815@gmail.com, told him I'd heard a lot about him, and asked if he'd be willing to talk with me, even anonymously. There has been no response.

Hunter Moore never denied to reporters that Is Anyone Up received hacker submissions while it was active. "I'm sure there have been times that people have been hacked and ended up on the site," he told The Daily Beast in March. "But as far as Hunter Moore doing the hacking, that hasn't happened."

By April 19, the same day isanyoneup.com morphed into a bullyville.com ad, Moore was more definitive about the connection. "I've had tons of hackers give me shit," he told me over the phone, insisting that Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996, the same federal law that has shielded his site from prosecution all along, absolves him of legal responsibility. (Legal experts, however, tell us that isn't the case.) "It's the same thing as Scarlett Johansson getting hacked. It always comes back on the hacker. I'm not gonna lie. I've paid people for content. I don't give a fuck. You can say that. If I've paid for content, they have to submit the same [way] as the user. It would all fall back on the user." Scarlett Johansson's hacker, Chris Chaney, faces 60 years in prison and $2.25 million in fines.

Hunter Moore
Dustin Fenstermacher
Hunter Moore
The Facebook profile tied to “garyjones815@gmail.com,” the e-mail address associated with hacking into multiple young peoples’ accounts. Nearly everything on the page is a lie.
The Facebook profile tied to “garyjones815@gmail.com,” the e-mail address associated with hacking into multiple young peoples’ accounts. Nearly everything on the page is a lie.

That said, even if Moore's money somehow found its way to a hacker, he insists he's not responsible. "If I paid for content, it wouldn't matter because they submitted it. It wouldn't matter. It would be like me leaving a fucking $100 bill on the sidewalk and somebody coming and picking that up and fucking throwing a picture on my lawn—it would be the same exact thing. It still comes back on that person who walked by my driveway."

One provision of Moore's deal with isanyoneup.com's new owners, CheaterVille Inc., is that the business is not responsible for anything previously posted on the domain or its affiliated servers. "We bought the URL," says CheaterVille's James McGibney. "I do not own the content—I have nothing to do with it." If there are legal issues with anything that did appear on Moore's site, McGibney confirms that his company is not responsible. "Part of the contract is he's 100 percent liable for it. It's clearly outlined in the agreement. I had lawyers watching lawyers on this deal."

Acknowledging that he and his lawyer had been fielding requests from the FBI throughout the site's existence—something Moore consistently discussed with me while the site was still active—Moore continued to defend himself: "We're going to work with every agency that we have pending investigations with. Really, [shutting down the site] comes down to never having to deal with this question, or anything like it, ever fucking again."

We were having the conversation on the day his site had been taken down. "No, I don't have hackers," he said. "I'm half-retarded. Where would I find hackers? It's not like I posted on a message board, 'Friendly hackers, hey, can you get me nude pictures?' It doesn't work like that."

Moore later demanded to know where I had heard that the FBI was looking into him, but I didn't tell him.

He didn't react well. "I will literally fucking buy a first-class fucking plane ticket right now, eat an amazing meal, buy a gun in New York, and fucking kill whoever said that. I'm that pissed over it. I'm actually mad right now."

Moore is apparently not used to his own privacy being violated.

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