Best of NYC®

2015 Edition

Best of NYC®

Sixty years is a lifetime in New York City. In 1955 Robert F. Wagner Jr. was just beginning what would be a twelve-year tenure as mayor, the New York Giants were the reigning world champions of baseball — they'd be unseated by the Brooklyn Dodgers in the fall — and a group of three bohemians got the idea to start a newspaper. The aim was to be the voice of the rising discontent then percolating in the city's intellectual underground. "The best minds in America — radical and conservative — were repeating themselves," co-founder Dan Wolf wrote in a 1962 issue of the Village Voice, as they'd decided to call their new venture. Launched from a two-bedroom walkup in Greenwich Village, the Voice has spent the past six decades trying to stay true to the mission set forth by Wolf and partners Ed Fancher and Norman Mailer.

So far, so good.

Much has changed since 1955. Our fair city has seen eight mayors, thirteen additional World Series championships, and the first U.S. performances by the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. We've watched our skyline grow upward and our subway system stretched beyond its limits. We've had our hearts broken, only to see them swell with pride and love as we've bounced back time and again. And through each event — cultural or political, triumphant or tragic, the Voice has been a constant. Sixty years of trying to challenge, provoke, enlighten, and champion our readers while urging them to see, hear, and experience what others do not.

Which brings us to the latest edition of our annual Best of NYC®.

On these pages you'll find our take on the best of everything that New York City has to offer. Some of this year's winners were around in 1955 (Ruby's Bar & Grill on Coney Island, Peter Luger Steak House); some have popped up in the interim (Mary Arnold Toys, Film Forum); others are, relatively speaking, brand-spanking-new (Alphaville, Gabriel Kreuther). There's a lot of nostalgia right now for the vague notion of "old New York," but we're not sure what that means. Opportunism and greed conspire to strip any city of its charm — always have, always will — but New York remains an old soul ready to offer just about anything to anyone who has the gumption to look for it.


Writers: Simon Abrams, Emma Alpern, R.C. Baker, Nikkitha Bakshani, Megan Battista, Heather Baysa, Corey Beasley, Abbey Bender, Ryan Bray, Jack Buehrer, Jon Campbell, Forrest Cardamenis, Brad Cohan, Jackson Connor, Jessica Dawson, Zachary Feldman, Tom Finkel, Kenji Fujishima, Meave Gallagher, Richard Gehr, Pinky Guest, Hilary Hughes, Brad Japhe, Kevin Kessler, Danny King, Katherine Knowles, Jennifer Krasinski, Sowmya Krishnamurthy, Eleanor Lambert, Mike Laws, Felice León, Linda Leseman, Zach Lewis, Claire Lobenfeld, Nick Lucchesi, Billy Lyons, Madison Margolin, Lauren Mowery, Nick Newman, Dacey Orr, Jessica Pilot, Lindsey Rhoades, Jay Ruttenberg, Alan Scherstuhl, Alanna Schubach, Tom Sellar, Laura Shunk, Tanner Tafelski, Scout Tafoya, Karen Tedesco, Solange Uwimana, Silas Valentino, Sara Ventiera, Christian Viveros-Fauné, Sam Weisberg, Stephanie Zacharek

Readers’ Choice Poll: Tatiana Craine, Nick Lucchesi

Illustrations: John Ueland

Design: Tom Carlson

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