Best of NYC®

2014 Edition

Smile, NYC! Now put your chin down, tilt your good side forward, gaze up seductively, and reach out....The time has come to hold the metaphorical camera up in front of ourselves and capture the best of what this place has to offer.

With selfies, we try to show our beauty, our love for adventure, our penchant for the weird, our sense of humor, and our unique cultural touchstones. These are our personalities, reflected outwards.

So, what would a selfie of NYC show? We've attempted to answer that with the more than 350 beautiful, thrilling, strange, delicious, and funny entrants that our 2014 Best of NYC issue comprises.

Our own selfies take in the city's "Best Cocktail Bar," "Best New Restaurant," and "Best Live Music Venue." They showcase things we're famous for, like the "Best Black and White Cookie," "Best Museum," and "Best Yankee." (You'll never guess who.)

They capture our adventurous side, from "Best Event for Cyclists" to "Best Escape in New York" to "Best Day Trip" and "Best Reason to Eat Out in the Bronx."

They divulge our innermost secrets, gems like "Best Underground History Lesson" and "Best Lingerie." (Of course, the goodies you purchase at the latter are probably best hand-washed, as opposed to toted to our choice for "Best Place to Drink and Do Laundry.")

They even turn the selfie back on ourself, with "Best Photo Booth."

As always, our picks are completely subjective. Keeping in mind that any look at our city reflects all of us who live in it, we asked you to share some of your favorites with us via our Readers' Poll, the results of which you'll find alongside our takes.

Finally, speaking of selfie-centered: Throughout this issue you'll see a selection of photos from readers who responded to our Twitter call for #BONYC selfie submissions.

Y'all are the best!

Contributors: David R. Adler, R.C. Baker, Nikkitha Bakshani, Heather Baysa, Sam Blum, Jack Buehrer, Katie Calautti, Jon Campbell, Araceli Cruz, Jessica Dawson, Zachary Feldman, Tom Finkel, Caryn Ganeles, Karen Gardiner, Beca Grimm, Bradley Hawks, Hilary Hughes, Kim Kelly, Kevin Kessler, Danny King, Jennifer Krasinski, Sowmya Krishnamurthy, Linda Leseman, Scarlett Lindeman, Nick Lucchesi, Billy Lyons, Tara Mahadevan, Gili Malinsky, Brian McManus, Anna Merlan, Phillip Mlynar, Lauren Mowery, Billy Nauman, Lucy Nieboer, Adam Robb, Albert Samaha, Alan Scherstuhl, Nicole Schnitzler, Alanna Schubach, Tom Sellar, Laura Shunk, Brittany Spanos, Tessa Stuart, Katie Toth, Eve Turow, Christian Viveros-Fauné, Stephanie Zacharek

Copy editing: Mike Laws

Fact-checking and proofreading: Talia Briant, Annabel Finkel, Rachell Mosquera, Alex Padalka, Nathalie Spidle, Leah Strahs

Design: Tom Carlson

Cover and inside illustrations: Scott Anderson

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How to Spend a Very, Very Long Day, According to the Village Voice's 2014 Best of NYC® Readers' Poll: Start your morning with a coffee from one of Blue Bottle's five locations (voted Best Coffeeshop for Coffee), because you're probably going to need the jolt of caffeine for the insane...



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