Listings – 4/6/2004


There are a lot of birthdays and anniversaries this week—as a couple of DJs celebrate their annuals and one weekly party. The biggest bash may be Grammy winner Hex Hector’s celebration, which seemingly features every house DJ in the city on its lineup playing especially for the guest of honor. In addition to Hector, Subliminal Records boss Erick Morillo joins fellow house honchos Danny Krivit, Angel Moraes, Jason Ojeda, Jonathan Peters, Peter Rauhofer, and DJ Skribble for the festivities. They’re gonna have to build another DJ booth just to accommodate all of them! Be sure to take the next day off work in order to see the whole lineup, as you’ll likely be there till the wee hours.
Thursday @ 10, Discotheque, 17 W 19th, 212.352.9999

After Danny Krivit recovers from spinning for Hector’s birthday, he can savor his own b-day jam at the popular monthly 718 SESSIONS party, which also features singer Diviniti for this go-round (she’ll be singing one of Danny’s favorite tunes at the moment, “Find a Way”). Lucky you, Krivit’s not taking it easy: He’ll be spinning his deep-house cuts all night long—and it might be the closest thing you’ll get to that old BODY & SOUL vibe.

Sunday @ 6, Deep, 16 W 22nd, 212.978.8869

The next night, Krivit’s sometime partner in crime François K (also of BODY & SOUL fame) commemorates his weekly shindig’s first anniversary. DEEP SPACE, his dubby, mellow bash, gets a boost from the U.K.’s DJ Harvey, who sits in as a special guest. The two will go back-to-back till dawn at the nightclub anointed “Best Club Venue” at the DanceStar Awards during this year’s Winter Music Conference.

Monday @ 9:30, Cielo, 18 Little W 12th, 212.645.5700