Secrecy Revealed


A new Waxman report shows that Bush is not just running, but also hiding

While the mainstream media take most of us on a Swift boat ride to nowhere, the Bush regime has dropped some of us off in a harsh, deadly desert. What’s going on? We may never know, if California congressman Henry Waxman is right.

He just released Secrecy in the Bush Administration, a report analyzing how the Bush regime has expanded and refined the memory hole. Here’s part of the intro:

The report analyzes how the Administration has implemented each of our nation’s major open-government laws. It finds that there has been a consistent pattern in the Administration’s actions: Laws that are designed to promote public access to information have been undermined, while laws that authorize the government to withhold information or to operate in secret have repeatedly been expanded. The cumulative result is an unprecedented assault on the principle of open government.

The feisty Waxman’s Government Reform Committee Minority Office is one congressional operation that’s still functioning. Particularly handy, especially now, is Iraq on the Record, a March 2004 catalog of “a searchable collection of 237 specific misleading statements about the threat posed by Iraq” made by Bush, Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, and Condoleezza Rice.