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Bush sounds so agitated. Does that mean he’s wired?

When the Internet ether started crackling with stories about George W. Bush‘s mysterious “bulge,” I thought people were talking about Dubya’s dubiously stuffed flight suit—you know, the codpiece he displayed on the deck of the aircraft carrier last year when he crowed, “Mission accomplished!”

But that’s not what George Carlin look-alike Dave Lindorff is talking about in today’s Salon piece. (Thanks to colleague Erik Baard for the tip.)

This concerns a mysterious bulge on Bush’s back. You can also read about it on Lindorff’s own site, where he writes at length about whether the not-so-great communicator is using a furtive communication device. Giving credit to blogger Joseph Cannon, who first mentioned the bulge a week ago, Lindorff riffed on what appeared to be a squarish bulge on the president’s back while Dubya was debating Kerry last week. Was Bush channeling Karl Rove? There’s little question that Bush has been spotted wearing earpieces. Is someone prompting the POTUS?

Check out Cannon’s lively blog, where he says, “I’ve offered ‘Audiogate’ as a name for this controversy, but I’m open to other suggestions. ‘Gepetto-gate’? ‘Radiogate’? ‘Rovergate’?”

It may be too early to say whether there’s something to this. But it was clear even before Bush entered politics that, left to his own devices as a bidnessman, he would some day wind up in receivership.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on October 8, 2004

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