New York

“Special Inspectors”–DEVELOPING!!! (1)


More on the “special inspectors” story. It went down like this. The “job applicants” were presented with applications with requests for address, social security number, date of birth, drivers license number, car ownership (yes or no), whether they had car insurance (it asked for policy number, but people were allowed to leave that blank), and amount of education.

A typical preliminary-job job app. Being for new “employees” of the board of election, it also asked for party identification.

It eventually became clear that there were slots open for 61 Democrats and 61 Republicans. But the information packages were handed out willy-nilly. That might have been because of the chaotic rush.

It also could have been because, before a certain point, and in the fog of war, the Republicans at the Cayahoga County Board of Elections weren’t aware that Democrats had got wind of their secret meeting.

A revealing moment. My informant told me she was approached by a Republican woman, who presumed my informant was also a Republican (because, my informant guesses, she is blonde). The lady said this, as my informant recalls: “Oh, I got the secret message about the secret meeting.” (Meaning the meeting that they were then at.) “Did you get the secret message?”

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