The sort of bands at WHEELS INSTEAD OF HOOVES, an imported Brit party that celebrates the weird and wonderful side of dance music, will never have articles devoted to their impending takeover of Top 40 America or their certain status as the Next Best Thing. That’s ’cause Jega, Datachi, Shadetek, Yellowtone (all playing live), and DJs Richard and James, Lance Blisters, Lara and Adesh, and more subscribe to an aesthetic that isn’t always pleasing, is frequently jarring, and is sometimes completely devoid of melody. Which is why you have to love it—or at least respect it. This is not to say they are all dour, chin-scratching artists who take themselves too seriously. The artists are on Warp and Planet Mu, and the proprietors of the former imprint have a wicked, dark sense of humor. By the way, Richard and James are not code for Richard James of Aphex Twin fame. They are the two DJs behind the London parties. So I’m told. Friday @ 9, Rothko, 116 Suffolk,

For a completely different musical experience, head to a superclub and hear a superstar DJ slum it with a superstar producer. Sasha, the pretty boy “progressive house” (a/k/a trance) DJ, is starting up his residency at Crobar, sharing duties with one James Lavelle (Mo’Wax founder), whose latest U.N.K.L.E. project has taken him into more divergent and eclectic territory. It might also surprise you to know that Lavelle’s tracks appear on Sasha’s Involver. Friday @ 10, Crobar, 528 W 28th, 212-629-9000

Because today’s music sucks, it’s sometimes better to listen to tunes from 20-plus years ago. Tim Sweeney, Dan Selzer, Jeremy Campbell, and Rob Uptight join together for another self-explanatory ALL-DISCO jam. OK, I’ll explain. They are only playing disco—obscure, and not so obscure—plus rap records (when rapping was done over disco). Saturday @ 10, Subtonic, 107 Norfolk, 212-358-7501,

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