Love is the Drugstore


Among the diapers and the Dilantin, a host of hearts has settled in, albeit temporarily, at the 24-hour DUANE READE at Broadway and 8th Street. Where simpering Santas so recently resided, there are now items surely the product of a distorted, if glaringly commercial, imagination: a plush heart with arms and legs that dances and sings “My Girl”; a bilious green frog who croaks “Love Me Tender.” The unsparing neon lights do not flatter the fuzzy flip-flops printed “World’s Greatest Lover,” nor do they enhance the charms of black boxers decorated with red lips and the command “Pucker Up.” But all is not strictly sticky: For 99 cents there are cherry red plastic “Prisoner of Love” handcuffs, a few shelves away from the Whitman samplers.