Workers Protest Outside Saigon Grill


A throng of more than 20 delivery workers is gathered outside the Saigon Grill at 93 University Place, chanting “Saigon Grill! Boycott!” and boo-ing anyone who enters the restaurant. A woman stands at the door, ushering potential diners inside to eat.

The workers have been organized for at least a week, but the protest has become more robust in the last few days. They are holding signs that say “SUPPORT DELIVERY WORKERS AGAINST SAIGON GRILL’S ILLEGAL LOCKOUT” and claiming inhumane working conditions.

They are also handing out flyers that say:

Saigon Grill Restaurant owners Simon and Michelle Nget locked out all their delivery workers because they were organizing and planned to file a lawsuit. The owners demanded workers sign an illegal contract t, stating that they have received minimum wage, even though they received less that $2 an hour. The owners told them not to come back when the delivery workers refused to lie.

The flyer goes on to say that Saigon Grill’s three locations make $2 million per month, but the owners pay delivery workers as little as $1.60 an hour. In addition, the workers claim that they are charged “ridiculous fines” for sick days, slamming a door, etc., don’t get breaks for meals, are verbally harassed, that the owners “disregard workers’ safety in unsafe buildings”, and offer no monetary support when workers were injured on the job. They say that workers who were robbed and beaten while making deliveries were forced to pay for all the missed deliveries, and that employees who spoke out were fired.

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