Wintry Joanie Sommers in a YouTube Treasure!


A ’60s waif from Buffalo who came off sort of like a mildly hipper Eydie Gorme, Joanie Sommers is best known for having sung the hit “Johnny Get Angry” and also for helping make Pepsi palatable to the youth explosion via various swinging commercials. But her most rivetingly weird appearance was on the contempo music show Hullabaloo, when she covered Freddie & the Dreamers’ “I’m Telling You Now” in a sultry, seductively nasal samba style as the cameraman zoomed in on her face and practically shot up her nasal cavity. Was it perchance an Ingmar Bergman cinematographer slumming on a day job? Did Sven Nykvist maybe shoot Hullabaloo on the side? I don’t know, but I do know that looming behind Joanie at the top of the clip (courtesy of YouTube, of course), Diana Ross looks hauntingly like Grandpa Munster.