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Blakeman for Mayor! Bring Back the World’s Fair! (Updated)


Till recently, Bruce Blakeman was on the Port Authority Board of Commissioners. He has served on the Hempstead Town Board and as Majority Leader of the Nassau County Legislature. His last electoral campaign was in 1998, when he was beaten for State Comptroller by Carl McCall. Shortly thereafter he moved to New York, and now, we learn from our colleague Ward Harkavy, Blakeman is running for Mayor. He runs on a platform of “continuity” with his two Republican predecessors. Also, he previously told a reporter that “a primary goal of his administration would be to bring back a World’s Fair to New York to help revitalize neighborhoods.” (Update: Not really. See here.)

He has some catching up to do with announced candidate John Catsimatidis, who not only has name recognition thanks to a February Village Voice feature, but also billions in personal wealth. Blakeman’s prior fundraising record isn’t in that ballpark, but his name may jog some memories thanks to his estranged wife’s recent dalliance with Sir Paul McCartney.

His brother may also get him some attention: Brad Blakeman recently filed suit against Walt Disney, Kelsey Grammer, and others for allegedly ripping off his idea in their underattended film Swing Vote.

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