Giuliani Stumps for Treadwell in Expensive Upstate Race


The Troy (NY) Record reports Rudolph Giuliani campaigned for Sandy Treadwell, Republican challenger to upstate Congresswoman Kirsten Gillibrand. It seems a good match: Treadwell got a lower NRA rating than Democrat Gillibrand, and Rudy never had much luck with those people, either. The Record informs us that the race is New York’s most expensive, with a combined total of $9.2 million spent.

How many words into the first Giuliani quote is 9/11 mentioned? Answer below the fold.

Who guessed 16? “‘Because of the economic problems and, I guess, because of the time that’s passed since September 11, people have somewhat lessened their focus on terrorism,” the paper quotes Giuliani. Plus: “I never thought after September 11 that we would be safe for this long a period of time.” The former Mayor also mentioned “redistribution of wealth” in relation to Presidential candidate Barack Obama, adding, “frankly, I think it’s stupid.”